5 awesome reasons why you must visit Jaipur

5 awesome reasons why you must visit Jaipur

5 awesome reasons why you must visit Jaipur

If you are planning a visit to India, you must definitely add Jaipur to your list of places to see because of its rich heritage and culture.

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is the largest city, also known as the pink city due to the distinct color of its buildings. Jaipur is famous for its palaces and forts which was once home to the valiant Rajputs. It is also well known for its jewelry, handicrafts and clothing, the delicious and authentic Rajasthani cuisine and its colorful bazaars.

Here are 5 reasons why you must visit Jaipur

1) The Beautiful Forts

Among the famous forts in Jaipur stands the Amer fort. You can reach there by taking a jeep ride or an elephant ride. The Hindu and the Mughal architecture are inscribed on its walls. It has an elaborate mirror work which shows the grandeur of those days. One has to stay till late evening in the fort to witness the sound and light show which is impressive and enthralling. Some of the places to visit are the Shila Mata temple, Jas Mandir and the splendid Sheesh Mahal

Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur also called the ‘Tiger fort’ was built to provide a strong defense to the city. It is located on the edge of the Aravalli hills and is the best place to view the splendid beauty of the Pink City. It was also the hunting residence of the Maharajas of Jaipur.

Jaigarh Fort also known as the fort of victory has huge walls and watchtowers. The thick walls are of red sandstone and the architectural features are of Indo-Persian style. It is home to beautiful palaces with scenic landscape.

There are many other places of interest like the Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Kal Bhairav temple and the museum for arms and ammunition of those days.

2) All the Colorful Jewelry and Clothing

Jaipur has been a center for gem cutting and the Old City’s Johari Bazaar and Tripolia bazaar are places to buy these gems. Bapu Bazaar is a one-stop destination to buy the Jaipuri textile and Joothis for a reasonable price.

3) The Lipsmacking Cuisines

In this historical city, there are various retreats which will treat you like a Royal Rajput and provide insights into the Marwari culture. Dal Bati churma, Gatte ki subzi, Bajre ki roti and Gujjia. Does your mouth water after reading this? These are some reasons why you need to head straight to Jaipur.

4) The Amazing Bazars

Rajasthan is famous for their colorful puppet shows, folk dances, folk music and the bandhej fabric work. You can find handicrafts and sculptures made of wood at the Chandpole bazaar and Kishanpole bazaar.

You must definitely visit Jaipur to experience this culture to the fullest and take back some mementos, heirlooms, and wonderful memories for folks back home.

You can use this city guide to Jaipur which can help you move around easily.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am sure you will visit Jaipur at the earliest possible opportunity.

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5 reasons to spend your summer vacations in Vishakhapatnam

5 reasons to spend your summer vacations in Vishakhapatnam

5 reasons to spend your summer vacations in Vishakhapatnam

Summer is almost here. Soon, school kids will have summer vacations and people from all over India will start planning their summer vacations. Have you made up your mind about where you’d be spending your summer vacations? Since people usually look for a place where they’d get some relief from the summer heat, we’ve decided to do a series of articles about our favourite destinations.

The first on the list, is Vishakhapatnam.

Why should you visit Vizag? Here are 5 reasons….

1. Yarada beach is beyond perfect

The place is a little away from the city. But it is one of the most refreshing and beautiful beaches in the country. The water is clean and almost free from pollution. It’s a great place to just sit back and relax. If you’re travelling with kids, they are going to love it too.

2. Araku Valley will blow you off your mind

The train journey from Vizag to Aruka is something, I believe, everyone should take once in their lifetime. The view is so beautiful, I’ve got no words to explain. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Trust me on this.

3. Kids will love the Submarine Museum

It is the first of it’s kind in our country. To make sure you understand everything perfectly, the museum has instructors to explain everything to you. You can ask questions and they’ll happily guide you. Doesn’t it sound so exciting already?

4. You won’t get stuck in traffic in this city

If you live in a metro, I’m sure you must be sick and tired of the traffic in your city. And one of the most important reasons you want to get away from your city is because of the traffic. Despite Vizag being a big enough city, you’ll be happy to know that traffic jams aren’t a problem in this city at all. So, you can easily move around the city without having to worry about too much traffic jam. Doesn’t that make it so much more amazing?

5. You’ll be impressed by the cleanliness and greenery in the city

Did you know that Vizag is the third cleanest city in India? Plus, there is so much greenery in the city. If you live in a metro, you’ll be especially amazed by the cleanliness and greenery here. Your kids are going to love it too. It’s also a great way to teach them why it is so important to keep your city clean.

So, have you made up you mind to spend this summer vacation at Vishakhapatnam? If you’re looking to read up more about this city, here’s a useful city guide about Vishakhapatnam.

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