5 amazing reasons to shift home to Bengaluru

5 amazing reasons to shift home to Bengaluru

5 amazing reasons to shift home to Bengaluru

I strongly believe that one shouldn’t spend all their life living in the same place. If I had it my way, I would shift home to a new city every year. Recently, I moved to Namma Bengaluru for a new job. I love this city and I believe everyone should visit this at least once in their lifetime. Have you been thinking about shifting home to Bengaluru? Here are 5 reasons why you should stop thinking and start planning the move right away.

1. The amazing weather

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how the weather of the city is horrible. I don’t think that is true. I feel that the weather is amazing. It is better than most Indian cities.
The weather in Bangalore isn’t too humid, nor too hot. It is actually just perfect.

2. The varied culture

You’ll meet all kinds of people in Bangalore. People from all over India come here in search of work.
This has made Bangalore a true cosmopolitan city. Being a south India city, you’d expect people to only talk in Kannada. But because of the mix of people here, you find people speaking different languages.

3. The city is safe

I travel frequently. And to be honest, I don’t always feel safe everywhere. But Bangalore is different. The city is safe. Even for women. You wouldn’t have to think too much before stepping out alone at night. I love this the most about this city.

4. The public transport is good

It is very easy to take the bus or the metro to anywhere you want. Taking a rikshaw or a radio cab is also not a problem. The only problem is the traffic. It is really horrible. But if we’re talking only about the public transport, it is great.

5. There are ample job opportunities

The city has opened up job opportunities for a lot of people. Bangalore is the IT hub of India. It is also the start-up capital of the country. People in Bangalore joke that every other person you bump into here is an engineer. It is actually a fact.
Not just IT, the city has many job opportunities for people from different sectors like fashion and biotechnology, too.

Bangalore is a great city. For an outsider, life here is quite interesting, too. If you move home to Bangalore, you will definitely enjoy living here.

When I first moved to Bangalore, I used this very interestingly written City Guide for Bangalore by Glovve Packers and Movers for getting to know the city well. I also hired packers and movers for moving to Bangalore from https://glovve.com.

One of the most important thing I’d like to tell anyone who is moving to Bangalore is that you should find a house close to your office. People aren’t kidding when they say the traffic here is horrible. It really is. And if you have to spend 2 hours commuting to work every day, you are sure to lose your mind.

Are you moving to Bangalore soon? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any questions about this city, leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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5 reasons to spend your summer vacations in Vishakhapatnam

5 reasons to spend your summer vacations in Vishakhapatnam

5 reasons to spend your summer vacations in Vishakhapatnam

Summer is almost here. Soon, school kids will have summer vacations and people from all over India will start planning their summer vacations. Have you made up your mind about where you’d be spending your summer vacations? Since people usually look for a place where they’d get some relief from the summer heat, we’ve decided to do a series of articles about our favourite destinations.

The first on the list, is Vishakhapatnam.

Why should you visit Vizag? Here are 5 reasons….

1. Yarada beach is beyond perfect

The place is a little away from the city. But it is one of the most refreshing and beautiful beaches in the country. The water is clean and almost free from pollution. It’s a great place to just sit back and relax. If you’re travelling with kids, they are going to love it too.

2. Araku Valley will blow you off your mind

The train journey from Vizag to Aruka is something, I believe, everyone should take once in their lifetime. The view is so beautiful, I’ve got no words to explain. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Trust me on this.

3. Kids will love the Submarine Museum

It is the first of it’s kind in our country. To make sure you understand everything perfectly, the museum has instructors to explain everything to you. You can ask questions and they’ll happily guide you. Doesn’t it sound so exciting already?

4. You won’t get stuck in traffic in this city

If you live in a metro, I’m sure you must be sick and tired of the traffic in your city. And one of the most important reasons you want to get away from your city is because of the traffic. Despite Vizag being a big enough city, you’ll be happy to know that traffic jams aren’t a problem in this city at all. So, you can easily move around the city without having to worry about too much traffic jam. Doesn’t that make it so much more amazing?

5. You’ll be impressed by the cleanliness and greenery in the city

Did you know that Vizag is the third cleanest city in India? Plus, there is so much greenery in the city. If you live in a metro, you’ll be especially amazed by the cleanliness and greenery here. Your kids are going to love it too. It’s also a great way to teach them why it is so important to keep your city clean.

So, have you made up you mind to spend this summer vacation at Vishakhapatnam? If you’re looking to read up more about this city, here’s a useful city guide about Vishakhapatnam.

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5 essentials you must NEVER forget when packing for a vacation

5 essentials you must NEVER forget when packing for a vacation

5 essentials you must NEVER forget when packing for a vacation

Packing for a vacation is exciting. And in all the excitement, it is easy to forget important things. The best way to ensure you don’t forget to pack important things is to make a list. To make sure you don’t forget anything important, we’ve put together a list of essentials you must NEVER forget to check.

1. An extra copy of your tickets and passport

You’ll be carrying your tickets and passport in your handbag. But how many times have we heard about someone who has forgotten their tickets and passport in a hurry? Packing extra copies of your tickets and passport will make dealing with a situation like this simpler.

2. First aid kit

Don’t forget to pack your medicines. Also carry some over the counter medicines for headache, back pains or an upset stomach. You don’t want to fall sick on your vacation and spoil the fun, do you? Since you’re going to be in a new place, you can’t be sure how easy or difficult finding these medicines in the new city would be. Which is why, it is best to carry these with you.

5 essentials you must NEVER forget when packing for a vacation

3. Sun glasses and sun screen

This is especially important if you are travelling during summers or travelling to a place where the sun can be extra harsh. The rays of the sun can be really bad for your health. You must t always apply sunscreen when stepping out in the sun. Also wear sun glasses to avoid the sunrays from hitting your eyes.

4. Chargers for your mobile and camera

This is one of the most important things you’ll need. This is also one of the most easily forgotten things. If you don’t carry your mobile and camera chargers, how are you going to capture all the beautiful memories you’re making while on vacation?

5. Your debit or credit card

When travelling, always carry your ATM card with you. You don’t have to carry too much cash, just enough to pay for cabs or a little snack if you’re hungry. Wherever possible, use your card. And keep it safe with you in your handbag or your wallet. That way, you won’t have to worry about cash getting stolen, or running out of cash. Vacation is a fun time. And we know you don’t want unwanted trouble when you’re out there having fun with your friends or your family.

Follow these 5 simple tips, and you’re sure to have a super fun vacation.What are your must-carry essentials on a vacation? Share with us in the comments below.Taking a vacation with your friends or family soon? Share this article with them on social media.

Travelling to a new city? Here’s how you can make it simple and fun

Travelling to a new city? Here’s how you can make it simple and fun

Travelling to a new city? Here’s how you can make it simple and fun

Travelling is a great way to unwind, recharge and discover a new you. It’s a great way to discover and experience new things in life. By travelling, you get an opportunity to see and experience different kinds of cultures and traditions and meet different people.The best way to truly experience the culture and lifestyle of the city you are travelling to is by living like the locals. How can you do that?

Here are 5 rules which we always follow on all of our trips

1. Use the public transport

If you hire a tourist taxi or a cab, it’ll pick you up from where you are and drop you off exactly where you want to go. What fun is that? By using public transport, you’ll have to find your way to the bus stop or the station. You’ll need to figure out what bus or train goes where. And you’ll need to what stations fall on the route you’re taking. This way, you’ll get to know the city so much better. Sure, hiring a cab is fun and comfortable. But using the public transport is great, too.

2. Eat local foods

Food is the true representative of the cities culture. A city can be understood in its truest sense only by eating the local food. India is a varied country with each region having a different cuisine. If you’re travelling to a new city and not trying the local food, you’re actually missing out on a major part of travelling.

Travelling to a new city? Here’s how you can make it simple and fun

3. Shop locally

One travel ritual we’ve always followed when travelling to a new city or country is to shop locally there. It’s like a tiny memory you bring back from that place. Shopping locally also helps you learn about the culture of the city.

4. Interact with the locals

Travelling to a new city is pointless if you do not strike up a conversation with the locals. Talk to them. Learn their language, or at least the basics of it. Ask them what a day in their regular life is like. Tell them about your life and your city and ask them how their life is different.

5. Ditch the map for a while

In a new city, it is good to have a map with you to guide you. But once in a while, it is a good idea to ditch the map and just wander around aimlessly. It is a great way to truly explore the city. You might come across many articles and tips and tricks similar to this. It’s good to follow our advice. But ultimately, the best way to make travel fun and easy is to just go with the flow. Do whatever feels right at that moment.

We’re sharing some of the resources we use while travelling. Thought this might help you, too.

  1. We almost always refer to reviews on Trip Advisor. It gives us an idea of what to expect. If we get a hint from the reviews that we are not going to like a certain place, we skip it. It saves a lot of time.
  2. For deciding where to eat, there is no better app than Zomato.
  3. Glovve is one site we stumbled upon when we were looking for one article which would tell us everything we need to know about a city. They have city resources pages for most major cities in India. The pages sum up everything there is to know about the city.
  4. The Culture Trip is one blog we really love. We read about other travel bloggers here and use some of their tips and tricks.
  5. While we do prefer using the public transport whenever possible, Ola Cabs and Uber Cabs app is always useful.
  6. Google Maps never fails to come to help us find our way in the new city.