StoryBrand Principles works for Travel Bloggers as well

Online business is a new trend. Most of our jobs are done with a few clicks on the web. But being travel enthusiasts, our job takes us to real places. We have to physically move far off places so that you can see the vivid images of the places through our reviews.

Our Travel Destination Blog is the home of `our travel experiences. You can take away unique insights from here and build your memories.

A few days ago we were reflecting on how we can vivaciously transcribe what we see into our words, we came across Donald Miller’s StoryBrand principles.

The StoryBrand framework applies to all kinds of web copies. It is the way in which you can ignite curiosity in your reader to stay on your website and come back whenever they are in need of solutions.

Take a look at the video below which explains StoryBrand formula in 6 brief steps.

How can a travel blogger use a StoryBrand way of web writing?

The brief explanation of StoryBrand techniques to incorporate in your travel blogging is as follows…

1. Start with what your readers can immediately take away.

For eg: Sarojini Nagar market gives away Zara branded clothes under Rs 500.

2. Tell them what they will miss if they do not take any action

For eg: Why do you want to pay 2000 bucks for a pair of jeans when you can get it for rs 200?

3. Show them evidence

For eg: Give them shots of what people have bought from the on-going sale

4. Give them a plan

For eg: How should they proceed with their shopping spree?

5. Put forth the Consequences of the plan.

The success and the failure aspect. Because without anything at stake, it is impossible for people to take any action.

For Eg: If they follow your charted way of shopping, they will effectively optimize the sale offers to their advantage otherwise they will end up spending more.

So this is how your StoryBrand brand script will flow. You will get better at it once you start using more of it. This is the most effective way to communicate with your online audience.

StoryBrand is a way of building your story on the web. It is a technique that will encourage your reader to pursue from one sentence to another. When this happens, your readers will be very thrilled to go through your content. Thus partnering with you through word of mouth advertising.

So all of my readers who want to propel the online reach of their businesses can weave the StoryBrand way of storytelling in their business copy and see the difference.

Go through this 7 part StoryBrand framework and embed these principles into your web copy.

1. Define a character that is your customer
2. The customer has a problem
3. Be a guide to your customers
4. Give them a plan
5. The plan must encourage them to take action
6. The result of the action should be a tragedy or a comedy

These are the 6 defined points which are important to notch up your online game. Tweak your copy to flourish your online business. For that, it would be wise on your part to ask for help from the experts.

There are StoryBrand copywriters who have proven their authority in this lead generating game. Take their help to see results for your business.

Share this blog with your niche market, so that we can all flourish together. Let the happiness and joy of success be for all. Do let us know your views in the comment section below.